7 Ways to Practice Self Love This Week



  1. Create your own daily affirmation. Words of affirmation are so powerful and can make your mood change. I start everyday saying “Today will be a good day, I will learn something new and I will remain happy.” It’s small and simple but it makes a difference in how I approach my day and how I make it through the week.
  2. Do something nice for yourself! Whether its going to buy something you have been eyeing for awhile or just take some time and paint your nails, or take a nice warm bath. Pampering yourself is a big part of self-care and also self-love. Doing nice things for yourself is a friendly reminder that you are thinking of yourself.
  3. Smile more. Life can be draining and even sad at times but find a reason to smile. A small joke that you remember, a funny moment that comes to mind or just go to YouTube and find a good cat video to laugh at because…CATS!
  4. Get enough sleep. I find myself becoming very task saturated lately with school and work and the blog and YouTube but I have found that shutting down and going to sleep at a decent hour. I wake up feeling better not just about myself but I wake up ready to be productive and start my day with some positivity, instead of dark circles and regret.
  5. Stop comparing your life to other people. In this day and age we have a lot of access to peoples lives. With apps that put lives that don’t mirror our own at our fingertips its easy to get trapped in those pictures that are worth a thousand made up words that we cant confirm are even true. The fact of the matter is that you only have one life and being envious, jealous, or hateful when you see others with the life you “want” just isn’t right. At the end of the day you can attempt to emulate something you want but you can be so much more content when you learn to be happy with the life you have. Take a look at your life and find the positives to be grateful for. And make sure you realize that your life is yours and it can’t and will not be like someone else’s.
  6. Devise a plan to kick a bad habit. I don’t care if its smoking, nail biting, bad foods figure out how you are going to stop. Whether it’s cleaning out your pantry or literally breaking out the old paper and pen and jotting down a full-fledged attack on your bad habits. Will you beat that habit in a week? Probably not, but you can definitely get a head start on calling it quits.
  7. Let go of anything that is not bringing positivity into your life. Family, friends, old pictures, old texts, old furniture just anything that is causing your mood or happiness to decrease. I am one of those people who don’t believe in clutter of any kind. People can come and go for me as well as the furniture in my house. Once something no longer brings value into my life I have to make the conscious decision to let it go. I don’t hold on to memorabilia because looking at it is the equivalent of peeling off scabs and who wants to do that? NOT ME! I love to buy new bedding, put new smells in my house and clear out the mental and emotional clutter that’s taking up space in my life. You don’t have to do it all by Sunday but assess what you are holding on to and why you aren’t willing to let it go.


Moral of the story is that there is nothing better than loving you. Give yourself the love you deserve because once you learn to love yourself to full capacity you will never ever look around wondering where the love you need is coming from. You can self sustain your own love supply and let other things build upon that. Stay blessed and stay BOMB.


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