How I Made $400 on Depop in 2 Weeks and You Can Too! 

So I jumped on the Depop train a little late but I am so glad I did. I was getting really tired of getting cheated by consignment shops on items that I knew were worth a pretty penny. So I opened up a Depop shop. I did everything right or so I thought. I had an easy to read bio, good quality pictures and I had hashtags but I wasn’t getting any traffic. So I did some research and in 2 weeks I made $427 dollars on things that were sitting around and collecting dust. Here is how I did it and you can too. 

Don’t Post All At Once 

This is the key to success. People need to see your stuff and even though the set up is just like Instagram they show everything in chronological order. So if you post everything al at once it might only get seen by a few people. So prep your post and post them at different times throughout the day. 

Follow Other People 

Now this isn’t as simple as just hitting the follow button, you want to follow people that like the things that you are posting. So go and search for things you have posted and follow all the people who liked that item. You are putting your face out there as someone who they might be interested in following. So go on and hit they follow button. It’s only going to put your name out there. 

Reach Out to People 

When people like your item don’t just be happy they like it send them a message. Just let them know that if they are interested in buying that they can make offers with you and that you can answer any questions. Some times people mindlessly like things but sending them a message puts it on their radar. 

Don’t Over Price Your Stuff 

Now I know that your items are precious to you but be realistic with how you price things. I know you want your money’s worth but keep in mind that if you didn’t sell it you wouldn’t be getting anything at all for it. Be reasonable with people and you will see your items sell so much faster. 


A lot of times people will be interested in more than one of your items but don’t wanna pay seperate shipping. So let it be known that you do Bundles and even offer deals. On my shop I offer 20% off for Bundles and free shipping on Bundles with 3 items or more. This encourages so many people to buy more from you. I think we all know the words “FREE” and “PERCENT OFF” make everyone ready to spend! 

Once I started doing all these things my productivity on Depop drastically changed. And I was able to capitalize off of clothing and shoes that I never would have used again and would have given away. So whether you are trying to make extra money or just want to cash in on old things I am sure that this will help you get your Depop shop on the map. Check out my Depop shop to get ideas on how I post. And let me know in the comments your tips for selling big on Depop. 


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