How To ACTUALLY Achieve Your Goals In 2018

I can not tell you how many times I have run to social media on New Year’s Eve and said #NewYearNewMe only to brain dump everything I promised I would do by January 2nd. However, I must say that 2017 was one of the best years I have ever had and 2016 was not too shabby either. I didn’t use any crazy tricks or magic and voodoo but I did change the way I went about achieving my goals and how I envisioned certain aspects of my life. I want you to have the most amazing year of your life just like I have and that starts right now.

Change The Words That Define Your Vision

I used to say things like “I will TRY to do…” or “I think I can…” and what I have learned is that our words genuinely set our intentions. Our intent is the basis for why we do the things that we do and how we plan to do them. Use words like “I will…” “I can…” and “I am going to…” When you use definite terms you are solidifying your goals and your intentions for your life and what you see for yourself. Whenever we say things that sound unsure about our life that is exactly how our brain processes them which leads to how we feel about them. If we put thoughts in our mind about our life, our capabilities and our wants and needs that are not solid we are bound to not achieve them.

Don’t Just Envision Things…Envision Your ENTIRE Life

It is so easy to envision specific or material things or things that are centered on your job, your education or even your family. I used to want more money or a certain car or even a certain person in my life. I was so caught up in not looking at the big picture that it was keeping me from all the things that I truly wanted in my life. At the end of 2015 I sat down and said that I “AM” going to be happier, that I WILL be a better parent, I AM going to practice yoga everyday, I WILL make more money with my platforms and I CAN be healthier in my lifestyle and my choices for me and my children. I envisioned the life that I wanted for myself by telling myself what I was going to do. I told my self that I didn’t have a choice but to make these things happen. And they did! There is not ONE thing that I have envisioned for my life that I currently do not have. That is all credited to how I envisioned my life for myself without doubt or apprehension.

Figure Out How You Are Going To Do It

“Caring without the intention to act is the same as not giving a F***!”– Yours Truly
When you set goals for yourself but you fail to create a plan of action it’s like saying you want to be the Queen with no idea about how the monarchy works. This is one of the number one reasons why so many people fail to achieve the goals they set for themselves year after year. Once you envision what you want for your life figure out how you need to go about doing/attaining those things. Once I figure out what I want my very next step is writing out how. When I said that I was going to do yoga everyday, my how was finding a YouTube channel with a yoga challenge that I enjoyed, getting a yoga mat and a yoga towel and buying one book on yoga to be aware of what I should be doing. I knew that just wanting to do yoga every single day was not enough and I had to have a plan. Never go into anything that your heart is set on without a course of action. You might not be sure on all the steps or all the resources that you may need but at least you will have a foundation for your goals.


This is in my opinion is one of the most important parts in accomplishing your goals. I am old fashioned and I love a good ole handheld notebook but there are countless ways to manage your visions and your plans of action. A great app that can be used on your phone/tablet/computer’s is Evernote. Evernote is AMAZING for keeping all of your notes and journal entries organized and categorized. You can create checklist, add pictures to your notes and even hyperlinks so as you find tools that will help you they can easily be saved in one place. Once you jot things down put them somewhere that you can reference or see them often. It’s important to remember what you set out to manifest in your life and to see how far you have progressed.

Do NOT Be Too Hard On Yourself When You Fail

At the end of the day you can do all of these things just like I told you. You can change your mindset, let your words guide your intentions, create a plan of action and write it all down nice and neat for your eyes to see everyday and you still might not achieve all of your goals and visions. Guess what? That is okay. We can’t always do everything but with great failure comes great opportunities to learn. I try to view every failure in my life as a chance to figure out how I can improve and get better than I was before. I use everything that went wrong or that I did wrong to prepare me for an even better shot at making the things I want for myself a reality. When you find yourself failing just embrace it and don’t get down on yourself.

You may be thinking about the fact that 2018 has already started but the fact is that goal setting can be done at any time. We always view the New Year as a time of cleansing and starting over and in a way it truly is. However you have the power to hit the reset or the upgrade button on your life whenever YOU want to. Be fearless. Be strong. Be courageous. Be humble. Be loving. Be who you want to be. Happy New Years.


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