Who is Randi BOMBlog

Hi, I’m Randi BOMB a Twenty-Fine year old, well-traveled Texas native nomad.  I identify myself as being a lot of things. A passionate woman who loves food and is unapologetically vegan. A mother of two awesome children and the wife of an amazing man who is also my best friend. I love life and I choose to live it loud and explosive. I don’t want to dull my light for anyone I would rather hand them a pair of sunglasses.

“There is so much power in being yourself and I refuse to be anything but that.” 

Randi BOMBlog is about my journey through life. Whether it’s a recipe or a real talk about mental health I won’t hold back. I want to take all of you on an honest journey of a real person who deals with life, mental health, cooks easy meals, works long hours, is trying to achieve goals and admittedly doesn’t have life completely figured out. While sharing my passion for self-care, mental health, the environment and vegan life. I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything at the end of the day I am just a regular person.  As long as I reach someone and make them laugh, or shed some light or teach them something new then that’s enough for me.

Now let’s live the most BOMB life possible! 

I am abundantly blessed with your presence on my platform. I hope we can form a bond and you can live as explosive and loud in every way and be your own BOMB!



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